Le Saphir - introducing our new apartment

28-September-2019 19:50
in General
by Admin

So after 10 years in Le Jardin Alpin in Vaujany we decided to bid a sad farewell to our first ever ski apartment and move a few hundred yards closer to the ski station! Le Saphir is the new flagship development in the centre of the village and we've been lucky enough to secure a lovely 3 bed apartment with unbelievable, uninterrupted views.  You can't miss the new building as you enter the village. Its quite an architectural feat of construction to build a 7 floor building in what looks like a relatively small space.  The beauty of the development is that its actually connected by stairwell to the ski station which means apartment door to lift should be all of well...1 minute walk maybe and about 50 yards!  Perfect after you've smashed it down from 2800m to bottom of La Fare and your legs are jelly. 



La Saphir has only 18 apartments and underneath them is a myriad of shops, restaurants and other facilities.  So far we know there is a cinema, a bakery, a new ski shop and a small supermarket. 

So how do you furnish a new apartment from scratch when you live 800 miles away!  Well we took the easy option and decided to use a UK chalet interior design and delivery company to do it all for us!  After a couple of consultations over the phone they produced a mood board for each room and after a few back and forths we had a design for the entire apartment!  Our delivery van arrives in October so keep posted for up to date photos of a before and after.  

The apartment is for rent this coming Winter so take a look at Chalet Belvedere and drop us a note if you'd like to try it out!